The Hewanorra International Airport Project

The Hewanorra International Airport Redevelopment Project is a USD $175 million project that will complement national efforts geared towards positioning Saint Lucia as one of the best in the region. The project which incorporates a 30-year master plan for HIA will improve efficiencies and transform the customer journey
and experience. 

The HIA Redevelopment Project encompasses three thematic areas with improvements to airside, terminal
and road access – traffic management systems.

The master plan seeks to provide a state of the art airport facility that will serve as a modern gateway, thus enhancing the passenger journey while at the same time meet international aviation protocols and standards.
With an extensive collection of up-to-date services, HIA will meet the needs of Saint Lucia’s tourism industry
and will underpin the broader national macroeconomic development goals. 

Airside upgrades will present the cutting edge aviation technology to realise efficiency and improved airfield operations. Our taxiway and parking aprons will be expanded to facilitate the parking of wide-body aircraft, that connects to the terminal via air/jet bridges. This upgrade will facilitate seamless embarkation & disembarkation
of passengers.

With an architecture inspired by the Saint Lucia national plant “Calabash,” the terminal building will feature, efficient check-in, passport control, and security while enjoying a level of comfort in a customer friendly and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Upon completion of this new airport facility, the road infrastructure, and traffic management system will be upgraded to complement the revamped ground transportation systems, thereby easing access. Ultimately,
our HIA will suit the present and ever-growing demands of the economy to serve our people better.

The HIA Project incorporates enhancements that will provide passengers with facilities that combine a modern contemporary look with the latest services and technologies.